... sex and relationships with a fresh perspective.
— OUT.com
... consistently warm and engaging, thanks to the assured performances by the entire cast ... This is a perfect film to see a summer night with someone you care about.
— Gary M. Kramer, INDIEWIRE
... an honest and compelling portrayal of modern relationships
— Huffington Post
What makes [That’s Not Us] utterly charming is its ability to re-create honest and relatable relationship struggles onscreen.
Much of the film is improvised, but the excellent ensemble cast is more than up to the task.
— San Francisco Chronicle
A charming, improvisational ensemble piece
— 48 Hills
... a beautiful telling of the inner workings of three authentic twentysomething couples. You will not find any gender or sexual tropes in this very stripped down film, making it all the more original and pure filmmaking at its best.
— SceneCreek.com
A hit on every level but brought to a higher plateau due to the excellent acting from a great ensemble cast.
— Examiner.com
... an honest take on contemporary relationships, packed with genuine interactions and nuanced performances.
— Frameline
That’s Not Us is charmingly filmed and inescapably endearing.
— Toronto Film Scene
That’s Not Us’ brings to life a weekend we’ve all experienced in one way or another. Its brilliant ensemble of actors effortlessly and entertainingly reveals the common threads of humor, pain, lust, and joy in all committed relationships.
— Andy Towle, Towleroad
That’s Not Us’ has to be one of the most emotionally mature films I’ve seen in a while.
— Heather Dockray, UPROXX
Relatable in ways that may be uncomfortable, the characters in ‘That’s Not Us’ are probably you and me, and everyone we know.
— InsideOut