Our Composer, Xander Singh, Talks to ROLI About New Beginnings

From Roli.com:

It has been said that every end has a new beginning. Xander Singh can attest to that. He formed the eclectic chamber-pop duo Pepper Rabbit, toured with the likes of Ra Ra Riot and Passion Pit, and soon after deciding Pepper Rabbit’s demise, joined Passion Pit. He traveled the world, performing with the acclaimed synth pop act for three years, and reached the end of that road recently when health issues forced him to resign. While the change of pace and necessary spinal surgery brought on challenges, Xander has found his new beginning and he’s showing no signs of slowing.

We sat with Xander to talk about his current projects, podcasting, the Seaboard GRAND and more.

ROLI: First off, we hope you're feeling well. How has your recovery from spinal surgery been?

Xander Singh: Doing much better! Most of the pain I was in is gone, and I should be able to start physical therapy in the next few months. What I’m really looking forward to is getting back on the golf course. It’s a huge relief to just be more comfortable sitting down in front of an instrument, as it was nearly impossible for the better part of last year.

ROLI: Great to hear. So speaking of instruments, how did you get started with creating music?

XS: Well, I did a lot of musical theater growing up, and always loved singing. Eventually, I grew tired of singing other peoples’ songs and started writing my own on guitar and piano. From there, I started listening to more and more genres of music and gathering the tools to create a wider array of styles. Getting my first laptop with recording software was when I really started to create music, instead of just writing songs in my bedroom.

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